In the home office garden of Why Comms are two honey beekeeping hives. A couple of weeks ago I set up a hobby business Curly Honey selling local, raw, pure honey in the Northern Beaches Sydney. The process of setting up the hives, managing the bees then extracting, bottling and labelling 23 jars of liquid nectar was incredibly satisfying.

For the past six months beekeeping has given me so much joy, ticking every box below:

  • ​It helps the environment.
  • It generates some revenue.
  • It’s a fascinating subject to study.
  • ​It passes on great lessons to kids.
  • It provides a great sense of community.
  • ​It’s relaxing and can calm stress. (Unless the bees are aggro!)
  • ​Improves pollination of garden crops and flowers.
  • It provides a healthy & delicious product.
  • It gives back. (I am doing this with 10% sales supporting the Green Carpenter Bee Conservation Project who are helping to save these native bees after being wiped out by the bush fires on Kangaroo Island).

It’s the hobby that keeps on giving! Check out some simple tips on how your business can be more sustainable here.

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