Lifeline CEO
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Superstar comedian, Stephen K Amos’ personal brand has been fundamentally built upon his own social background. As a gay man with heritage in Nigeria, many years on the International comedy circuit has built the Londoner a reputation of being a global ambassador for social acceptance and inclusion, a role model to so many people.

After the tragic death of his twin sister in a palliative care home in 2018, Amos hit rock bottom, like so many other grieving families. Digging deep to cope with his own emotional pain, Amos has been inspired by a deeper purpose to support and give back to palliative care homes all over the world. Amos is now on a mission to help terminally ill people and their families.

“It was devastating, it makes you question life and mortality. I considered what the meaning of life was and what’s more important” – Stephen K Amos

During his Adelaide Fringe tour Amos raised over $20,000 for the Mary Potters Foundation. At the Enmore Theatre in Sydney I had the pleasure of watching the performance on 4th May. All it took was a humble request during the show to ask fans to donate a few dollars on their way out to raise funds for Bear Cottage in Manly. Seeing Amos’ smiling face out in the foyer rattling his donation bucket (and in the local pub later) was an absolute treat!

The generosity of Amos to match the audience donations was the final put this humble and inspiring man on my Purpose Pedestal. Keep smiling Stephen 🙂